• FIS rules keyboard_arrow_down

    Basic rule

    1 Do not endanger or prejudice others.

    Riding Rules

    2 Move in control. Adapt your manner of skiing or snowboarding and speed to your ability and to the general conditions on the mountain.

    3 Do not impede the route of the skier and
    snowboarder in front of you.

    4 Leave a wide berth when overtaking.

    5 Look up the slopes each time before
    starting and moving upwards.

    Stopping and climbing

    6 Only stop at the edge of the piste
    or where you can be seen easily.

    7 When climbing up or down keep to the side of the piste.


    8 Obey all signs and markings.

    Conduct in case of accidents

    9 Provide help and alert the rescue service.

    10 All persons involved in an accident including witnesses must exchange names and addresses.

  • Terrain Park keyboard_arrow_down

    The FIS rules and SKUS guidelines also apply in the terrain park.

    1 Look before you leap

    • Inspect all features: assess height, length and difficulty level
    • Check teh surface conditions of the take-offs and landing zones
    • Only jump if the feature has been well prepared


    2 Make a plan

    • Deside which features are to be used and how
    • Concentrate - from the first to the last feature
    • Be aware that speed, inrun and take-off have an impact on jump height and jump distance as well as on body positon when landing


    3 Easy style it

    • Start with familiar features and tricks
    • Ask for expert guidance
    • Acquire the skills needed to step up to larger features: start small and build up gradually


    4 Respect gets respect

    • Do not put anyone at risk
    • Make sure that the landing zone ist free and exit it quickly after landing
    • Support other park users and share experiences, e.g. at speed checks
    • Give a hand signal before starting your run
    • Respect your health and wear protective gear


    Start small and work your way up.

  • Snowboard keyboard_arrow_down

    Snowboard rules

    1. Always place your snowboard binding side down in the snow.
    2. Release your rear leg from the binding on ski lifts and chairlifts.
    3. With alpine bindings, securely attach your leading leg to the snowboard with a leash.

    Additional guidelines for snowboarders issued by the Swiss Commission for the Prevention of Accidents on Snowsports Runs (SKUS).

Snow Safety